Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Happy, Happy! Joy, joy!

Sorry it's been a while since I've blogged. Hopefully, I can get into some kind of routine, now. I had mega problems at the shared house I was living in, so I had to move out right away. I've been in a new place now for about a week and a half. It's a full house, which is awesome! Also, I started a work trial for a new job a couple of weeks ago. Only another week and a bit before I find out if they will be keeping me or not.

It's been hard to get a normal amount of sleep, so I haven't been around much. Falling asleep a lot, much to the annoyance of my crafting pal, Becca ;)

I haven't gotten all of the furniture I need in order to stop living out of bags/boxes, but I do now have a craft room. I'd like to have enough energy to use it on a daily basis soon too! Luckily, it is Easter next week, so I will have a long weekend :D

It's not fully done yet, but here is my rudimentary crafting room:

Also, these are the newest fabrics I bought. They are all decor weight 100% cotton, with large prints. I'm hoping to make a few bags from them this weekend :)

I'm so glad that things finally seem to be turning around for me, and hoping that I get a normal amount of energy back very soon, so that I can make many more things :)

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  1. So so happy you are finally having some rainbow times :) I certainly can't wait til we are back in our old routine of crafting, like the old days but hopefully for both of us (with less traumas) It's all so 'Citin!!! :D